changing names?

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changing names?

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has anyone here ever changed their legal name? i'm in the process of doing so, and it's pretty ridiculous. california law recognizes "common usage" as a legal way to change your name. i've used paul theodoropoulos as my name for at least forty years - but because that's different from my birth certificate, i've had to fork over $400 in fees and costs to make it "official", so that i can replace my social security card.

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changing names?

Post by zinkyusa »

Pinky;473997 wrote: I thought about it, but I quite like my nmae, so I'm keeping it. I do know a couple of people who've done it though..over here it costs about £35 and it's quick and easy.

indeed, how could you not like pinky?
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changing names?

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ah well each according to their needs and you needed to change your name:wah:

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