Folded Stars

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Folded Stars

Post by libertine »

This isn't a needlecraaft, but I thought this might be a good place to ask this question. Does anyone know how to fold a three-dimensional 'star'?

We used to fold all sorts of geometric figures for Christmas ornaments, and just for fun, but I can't find the directions I so carefully put away for when i would need them again, nor can I 'google' them. I think I'm not asking the right question.

Any help appreciated :o
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Folded Stars

Post by persephone »

I know this is a little late, but here you go, it'll do for next year... We used to do these in Maths at Christmas time by the way :)

This is the one I think you were talking about... ... as/3dstar/

And here's a couple more...
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