Audi or Lexus

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Audi or Lexus

Post by Lon »

Go Lexus--------------superb car and driving experience.
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Audi or Lexus

Post by valerie »

I vote Lexus, too!! Think you'd regret the Audi.

Check out Consumer's Reports, maybe!
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Audi or Lexus

Post by john8pies »

I can`t afford either! If I could, I would recommend the Lexus, for looks, reliability and driveability. The Audi probably better for comfort, only
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Audi or Lexus

Post by pink princess »

the audi has more 'status' to it.....
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Audi or Lexus

Post by RedSoxFan »

anewlife wrote: I am looking into getting a used Lexus IS300 or an Audi A4 Quattro. I am a little suspect of Audi's quality and cost of repair...the Lexus is a toyota, low cost, great reliability...

So any good bad experiences out there with either car (US versions)

The Lexus IS300 has a little more appeal and thats what I would go for. Although, if you, on average get a lot of snow during the winter, you WILL wish you got the Audi A4. Trust me, i've driven the IS300 in snow, if there is more than 3 inches on the ground, you won't make it to work. I was going to get the IS300 but went with the ES300 just because of that reason.
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Audi or Lexus

Post by CARLA »


My sister has a old Lexus LS400 1992 that car has had no mechincal problems what so ever, and had a cloud like ride. Of course it is now my Nieces car as she loves its.

If I could afford a LEXUS it would be the car I would buy hands down. :driving:


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Audi or Lexus

Post by nvalleyvee »

I drive a 10 year old Toyota T-100 I bought to haul a horse. I guess it's a matter of need. I needed a truck to haul my daughter's horse to competition. I sold my BMW to do it. :driving: FIDO
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Audi or Lexus

Post by valerie »

Well done, anewlife, and congrats! Sounds beautiful, wish I lived closer

I'd let you take me for a ride!!

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Audi or Lexus

Post by Clint »

Good choice. I drove the A-4 and it made my right leg hurt because it had to rub against the consol. I've had two Audis and I loved them but the A-4 just doesn't have enough room for me as the driver.
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Audi or Lexus

Post by cars »

anewlife wrote: Hi all

I bought the Lexus IS300 - I liked the styling better and one look at Audi's quality and repair record made the decision easy. It is quick, but not porsche fast, handles fantastic and has all the bells and whistles. I love it. It can run with most anything but is quiet as a church mouse, which is nice for long runs.

Thanks all for the input.

P.S. BTW it is charcoal grey with black leather interior. :driving:

Just saw this, I'm late as usual. You made the right choice, my Son-in Law has the IS300, and I get to drive it frequently when I'm in Florida where he lives. It's a terrific car as many others have already said. But notice he lives in "Florida"- NO SNOW or ICE to put up with! Oh yeah, he just loves it, & had it for 3-1/2 years with no problems!!! (He bought it one year old)
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Audi or Lexus

Post by Wolverine »

i'm gonna have to go with Carla on this one. I dig the Caddys.

But, from what I have erad in the car mags, that IS300 is a bad-ass car. reads like it would e be a lot of fun to drive. and you can now get it with AWD. And i read somewhere that Lexus is toying with the idea of slapping a turbo or two on it. to try and take some of the market from Subaru(WRX) and Mitsubishi(EvoVII)

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Audi or Lexus

Post by tgteich »

I hope it's not too late for you. I had an Audi A6 for 5 years and it was always in the shop. Here is my list of defects and repairs: replaced electronic digital dash, replaced driver seat to fix unrepairable rattles, replaced hinge on driver door to fix squeaks that could not be lubricated, replaced plastic under front bumper due to actual separation from the body (I was not alone. There was afactory recall due to class action in Illinois federal court.), replaced failed electric window motor in driver door, replaced dash bolts that rattled and fell out inside the car, replaced fold down rear seat hardware that froze. All of these items were prescribed as the solution by the Audi dealer. They were not my idea. Needless to say, this vehicle spent many days in the shop. I kept it because my wife liked the ride. Of course, my conclusion is buy a Lexus. Based on talking to other people who have owned an Audi, I have concluded that at least 33% of all Audis have rampant defects. My recommendation is "Never Follow" anyone into an Audi dealership!
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Audi or Lexus

Post by Galbally »

I would have bought a Nissan 340Z but thats just me. Not great in the snow, but what a car. Actually I happened to just avoid a Aston Martin V8 Vanquish in town today, what a car to crash into, imagine the insurance on that. Overall I would think the Lexus is the more practical car, though the new Audi A8 is supposed to be a monster of a car. It would cost you though.
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