Honda Civic Keys?

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Honda Civic Keys?

Post by john8pies »

Have just bought a 1998 Honda Civic 1.4 auto., which only came with one key :-1

Have not been told by a key-cutter that extras cost £92 as they all come with a computer chip. This is almost the same as the road tax :-5 !!!!!!!!!

Does anybody please know:

(1) If this is true, and:

(2) If it is, where can I please get a cheaper key `cut`? Obviously will have to be not too far away as I can`t send the key off for copying!

with thanks,

John :yh_think
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Honda Civic Keys?

Post by gmc »

was it from a dealer? Did they tell you there was only one key?

The chip switches of the immobiliser and your engine won't start without it.

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