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Pimp my Ride

Post by babygirl »

Hey has anyone seen pimp my ride i think that show is fantastic the way they transform the cars its mad!!!!!!!!!! I want my ride pimped !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh damn it i dont av a car :yh_rotfl

what are your views on the show?
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Pimp my Ride

Post by abbey »

sounds like a porn show.. :wah: :driving:
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Pimp my Ride

Post by Peg »

I love the show! I think at times, they go a bit overboard, but I'd love for them to pimp my ride!
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Pimp my Ride

Post by chicagolosina »

Do they hook up the engine and all the mechanical stuff as well, or just the asthetics?

I thought it was kinda silly one time when they pimped out a chevette..I mean c'mon...spend the money on a new car for the dude :) The one where they did the girls classic Mustang was great, they should do more classic cars.
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Pimp my Ride

Post by persephone »

Heard about it but never seen it.
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