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Hot August Nights

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To our car aficionados at FG,

I just posted some photos from the last Hot August Nights I attended. I'll take a lot more photos the next time I attend - hopefully this year!

For more information on this event:

Hot August Nights

July 31, 2005 - August 07, 2005

Let’s do it all again. Be-bop with your baby, cruise some downtown streets, pull into the world’s largest drive-in or swap car parts, all while you groove to the tunes of some of the best entertainers the 50’s and 60’s had to offer. You’ll find it all at the 18th year celebration of Hot August Nights from July 30 – August 7, 2005.

Quick, what decades enjoyed the coolest cars and the greatest music? We all know the answer: the 50’s and 60’s! Hot August Nights gives you the chance to relive those wonderful days of drive-in movies, cruising Main Street, boppin’ at the Malt Shop, or just hanging out in your cool car with your best guy or best gal listening to some great music on the radio.

Want some cruising? If you’re lucky enough to own a great car from that era, you can join in by parading it in front of thousands of appreciative car fans along the streets of Reno and Sparks.

Want to hear some great tunes? From retro groups to the original groups, you’ll find free live performances of some of your favorite music, night and day, on stages all around the area.

Want to see who has the hottest car? Or better yet test your car against the rest. It’s all legal and timed professionally at the drag races at Cruiser’s Café.

Got the itch to fix up or get your own cool car and join Hot August Nights drivers at next years Event? Check out the cars for sale at the Cool Car Showroom or take a buyer’s ticket at the Silver Auction. Or head out to the swap meet to find that special part you need to complete your dream baby.

Dancing? For those dancing fools, there is a sock hop and a formal prom, and you can always bop away at one of the concerts – no one’s going to stop you.

How about just admiring some of these great cars close up. Head to the show-n-shines, where you can see how they’ve pulled off that great paint job or lowered that ’49 Merc. You’ll find the owners ready and eager to share their customization and hop-up secrets.

This year 5,000 cars will hit the streets for fun in the sun. Cars from across the nation will make the trek to Reno to relive that magical era that was the 50’s and 60’s. In recent years, over 27 states have been represented at Hot August Nights with car owners from as far as Alaska to Massachusetts in attendance. Word of Hot August Nights has also gone across the globe as Hot August Nights has had registered car participants from Canada, Great Britain and Australia

So have a blast whether it’s reliving magic moments from the past or creating new memories, Hot August Nights is the perfect setting. If you have a classic American or European car or truck from 1972 or older, register and become part of the stars on parade. If you don’t have a car, bring the entire family to Reno and let them step back in time to experience the greatest era of America.

Whether reliving magic moments from the past or creating new memories, Hot August Nights is the perfect setting.

Contact: David Seville

Web site:

Phone: 775-356-1956

Location: Locations throughout Reno
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