Unwritten Guy Laws

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Unwritten Guy Laws

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Okay, I know that this is kind of defeating the object of the unwritten guy laws by, you know, writing them down, but I think this is a topic, possibly of international importance, that needs discussing. As we saw in a topic a while ago, there was some (albeit on a small scale) disagreement over what the laws are, so I think some debate is needed, and, perhaps, through this topic, we will be able to identify any national or regional variations in legislation.

Thou shalt not date your best friend's sister

I think the reasons for this piece of legislation are fairly obvious, and is possibly one of the most important unwritten guy laws.

Thou shalt not date your best friend's ex.

Again,this is pretty self-explanatory. One area of debate, however, would be the existence, and duration, of a "cooldown period". By that, I mean a time at which it becomes okay to date your friend's ex. In my book, this time comes about when two requirements have been fulfilled:

Your friend hasn't been with his ex for at least two years

You haven't spoken to your friend for at least one year (or you have lost total contact with him).

The Beer Deficit shall be maintained.

You must always owe your good friends a beer, and they must always owe you beer, as well. Through maintaining a healthy beer deficit, you are ensuring that if, for whatever reason, a member of the Beer Team is found to be without currency, then he does not get left out. It's insurance against hard feelings.

I can honestly say that I owe my best friend what is approaching one hundred beers. He doesn't owe me nearly as many beers, but he does owe me several kebabs, quarter pounders, and about a million giant bags of Doritos. Neither of us any intention of collecting our debt. A good beer deficit is pivotal in maintaining a wholesome, healthy friendship.

Thou shalt rotate thy hangout.

Meaning, it's not fair to insist that your buddy always come over to his house, you need to go over to his just as often and vice versa with occasional meetings at neutral areas such as the boonies.

Thou shalt not pay too much attention to thy grooming in public.

It's ok to comb yor hair and primp in the bathroom, but in public, you must not be seen doing your hair lest you be labeled "metrosexual."

and the HUGE one:

Thou mayest NOT sitteth immediately next to thy guy friend in a theater.

A minimum of at least one empty seat is required between you or rumors will abound.

Does anyone else know any more?:D
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Unwritten Guy Laws

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ahahahaha what a crack up, I gotta go ...go watch the guys now ahahahaaha
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Unwritten Guy Laws

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Um, from what I understand, there is NEVER to be any eye contact while standing at urinals. Look at the wall in front of you, and NOWHERE else.
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Unwritten Guy Laws

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My husband showers with about 60 blokes after work everyday....he doesnt comment:p

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