John Paul I Illuminati Murder exposed worldwide first 35 years later: Reductionism

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John Paul I Illuminati Murder exposed worldwide first 35 years later: Reductionism

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Illuminati Murder of John Paul I exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet, 35 years later: "Pope Francis" hidden in plain sight: End Time Reductionism

The reason why the only real Pope since Pius XII was called Giovanni Paolo I or John Paul I by illuminati media during the 33 countdown of 1978 was the "hidden in plain sight" commandment of the illuminati religion:

to openly tell to the human cattle that they would murder John Paul I in a few days.

Reminder: normally the pope who choose a name never used by his predecessor take the ordinal posthumously only if a successor chooses the same name.

In other words: the real name of the murdered pope is reduced to John Paul, since there was not a real JP II but only an illuminati agent as impostor "John Paul II".

Simply Francis is NOT what is hidden in plain sight: End Time Reductionism

The reduction of John Paul I to John Paul, or in other words the FULL STORY of his murder, exposed first by Last Prophet, also explains why the annoucement in Latin of the actor in the role "Petrus Romanus" (1) simply as Franciscus or Francis not as Francis I was NOT the bomb that the illuminati had prepared to fulfill the self coooked "Last Pope Peter the Roman, as in the Prophecy of Saint Malachy of the Popes" (2).

The bomb came a few minutes later, in the first speach of "pope Francesco", from his own mouth, again accordingly to the illuminati religion's goal of endless deception (3):

- "I am the Last Pope" .

- "I am Peter the Roman".


(1) Actor playing fake identity "Bergoglio", has also other roles, including:

- il GRANDE BROGLIO, Pope of the Last Hope, a parody to the parallel "Obama, yes we can" script;

- blbical GOG and MAGOG, blbical False Prophet, part of the anti-bible;

- first Francis, first Jesuit Pope, first South-American Pope, first Pope of the Western Hemisphere;

- Last Pope Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman, as of the self cooked illuminati St Malachy Prophecy of the Popes.

New roles arae added almost on a daily basis.

Latest examples:

- March 17: first "Pope" in the age of mass media to NOT use a word of spanish as he delivers his first Angelus (1), although half of the crowd's as well as his native language is supposedly spanish.

In fact he has not yet spoken ONE word but in ITALIAN in his speeches. ... 03139.html

- first pope to state that his mission is "first of all / foremost to be the Bishop of Rome",

Side note: both previous "firsts" are part of his "Peter the Roman" role, exactly like 'he chose to name himself after St Francis of Assisi because of his "spiritual ties with this land"'. ... gelus.html

- March 18: first pope to kiss a woman in the cheek. Simultaneously first pope to bow to anyone and first pope to bow to a woman. All this with co-starring Cristina Kirchner, the president of Argentina and obviously with mcrophones switched off, to comply with the commandment of speaking only italian. ... s-kirchner

(2) Leading to the false conclusion:

"POPE FRANCIS = PETRUS ROMANUS : the only pope without a number after his name (NO NUMBER = NO FUTURE), hence no St Malachy's 'latin name" ... 172114/pg1

(3) Accordingly to the illuminati religion's goal of endless deception the illuminati did not wait long to openly tell to the human cattle WHY is Francis I playing "Last Pope Peter the Roman"-

In fact they did it through IL GRANDE BROGLIO Mario Bergoglio's mouth during his very first address as "pope". Immediately after exposed by Last Prophet: ... sight.html ... 167379/pg1

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