Life after Death

Fact is stranger than fiction.
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Life after Death

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I had to laugh at this segment...

Despite those great scenes in horror flicks where a sheeted body sits upright on the autopsy table, the answer is no. However, air trapped in the lungs may escape and in the process can vibrate the vocal cords to produce a chilling postmortem sigh. Funeral director Randy L. Goldy, a certified celebrant licensed in New Jersey, also reports that when a body is positioned with its hands on the abdomen, an arm may accidentally fall and strike the unsuspecting embalmer from behind. Other than that, the deceased don't get around much. "If dead people moved," says Goldy, "I would have become an accountant."

Scientists have finally proven that there IS life after death but we might not be going to heaven

It puts a new spin on the old Carry On joke from "Carry On Don't Lose Your Head".As the guillotine is about to drop, a letter arrives..."Your grace, there's an urgent letter for you!" " -Oh, drop it in the basket, I'll read it later" quips Pommfrit,
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Life after Death

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I don't think anyone ever really doubted the existence of conscious thought continuing for a few minutes after death. The brain relies on a supply of oxygen to keep it functioning. Once the supply is stopped, what remaining oxygen there is gets used up, and then Brain Death occurs. After all, even a Jelly with register as living on an EEG.

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