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What if...

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"What if..." what a great way to start any sort of conversation about Any number of topics.

The "what if" scenario that has been running around in my head for a number of weeks is "what if" the South had been victoriuos in the civil war?

How different would today's world be?

I think things would be radically different.

The South wins and imposes heavy war reparations on the North. The North has difficulty paying, so inflation in rampant and the North over the next few decades is reduced to a 3rd world nation. Much like what Mexico is in today's world.

Technology would be greatly altered. Because there was no great expanse west in the north, Henry Ford never got a chance to develope and perfect the "assembly Line" to produce cars quickly and cheaply, automobiles remain a luxury for the extravagantly wealthy. So everyone uses Horse and cart or the bicycle for transportation.

Since the bicycle remained a viable and inexpensive mode of transport, the Wright Brothers never had a chance to tinker with their flying machine. They were too busy building and repairing bikes.

The laid back idea of the South in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" transcends to all aspects of life. Bell invents the Phone, but no one takes it seriously. Edison's idea of the light bulb is ignored because everyone uses gas light.

Lincoln wasn't assassinated. He gets voted out of office and travels the country preaching the ideals of a new idea published in 1848 by a social scientist and philosopher, Karl Marx. (creepy)

The racial instability of today's South is transposed to the North. Lynchings and hate crimes are everyday occurances.

Instead of Grant getting a chance to lead the army of the Potomac and one day becoming President, he leaves the Army and dies a drunkard and destitute.

Lee on the other hand, becomes President of the South after Davis' 4 terms. And under his(Lee) guidance, the South abolishes slavery in a sort. The "freed" slaves now get paid, but live a life of indentured servitude. And aren't given the rights and freedoms of a true citizen. Can't own property and can't vote.

Imagine the Civil Rights movement of the 60s being played out by a band of rebels led by King, MalcomX, and Medgar Evers. Instead of peaceful protests in the capital, they organize armed revolts and implement terrorist tactics similar to what the VietCong and the Iraqi insurgents of today.

Not only would the social ramifications be tremendous, but simpler things too.

Suppose Elvis Presley was influenced by Scott Joplin and his jazz piano, instead of the Blues and Gospel of the day. What would the music scene be today?

With the South content to keep its energy focused on things at Home,

World War I does break out, but it is refered to as the European War. Britian, France, and Russia are unable to defeat the newly powerful German Empire. The war drags on into the 20s before it is over. Europe is now the Greman Union, with the exception of Britian. Which is seen as little more than a trouble-some island, not worth invading and conquering. The British Empire is gone.

Now with Britian out of the picture, India is free to govern itself 30 some years before it did. Without Mahat'ma Ghandi to stabilize the country, it is in constant political unrest. Warring tribes fighting for control, each claiming to be in charge. Much like what is happening all over Africa today.

I mean, the possibilities are absolutely ENDLESS. Any other thought or ideas??

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