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Remember Remember

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When Prince Harry had his high jinks recently and wore a swastika to a party, a poll discovered that well over half of Britain under the age of 35 had never heard of Auschwitz, the great killing camp of the Holocaust.

We live in an age in which the historical memory is becoming shorter and shorter. This is a good reason why we need the annual Holocaust Memorial Day.

Its purpose is not only to remind us that the Holocaust happened, and how it happened, but also why it happened.

The last question is one easily leads to raised tempers. It is the Holocaust something that only the German people could have perpetrated? Did the centuries of Christian anti semitism help to prepare the way? Was it aberration, or an inevitable consequence of European history? Each of those questions is highly senitive.

There is, however, one cause that is in little doubt, namely the abominable racial theories that underlay Nazism.

The rise of Nasism coincided with the rise of eugenics, which literally means 'well-born'. Eugenics in turn arose from a firm belief in the law of the survival of the fittest. Eugenicists held that the human stock could only be truly improved by letting the 'strong' breed, and preventing the 'weak' from doing so. Some of the finest minds of the time were supporters of eugenics. It seems so scientific. Even Sweden was taken in by it. It ran a eugenics programme for years.

Hitler and the Nazis took this theory to its extremes. Not only should the weak be prevented from breeding through forced sterilisation, the weakest of all should be exterminated. In Nazi ideology the very weakest were the Jews. They believed that not only were Jews weak, but that they were also a moral threat to humanity.
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Remember Remember

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True. The Jews got a very bad rap for the execution of Christ. But it just goes to show how many of the worlds 'christians' read their bibles. No excuse not to, since it is published in just about every language known. The failing is in the makeup of human nature to just believe what you're told. To not question authority. For if people had been more keen to follow their conscience, and read for themselves what God had to say on the matter, then the holocaust might never had happened. At least not to the degree it did. After all....the bible itself warns against blind faith.
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