Not comets? Aliens?

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Not comets? Aliens?

Post by LarsMac »

I had not read much on this star, but it is apparently causing a bit of a stir in the world of Astronomy and the search for alien life.

Comets May Not Explain "Alien Megastructure" Star's Strange Flickering after All - Scientific American
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Not comets? Aliens?

Post by Snowfire »

I first read about this a little while ago.

I hope it's not comets. I really hope it an alien megastructure.

If the pay's right and they cover the travel and lodgings, I'd be happy to work away for a while, subcontracting. Sounds like a very long contract.
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Not comets? Aliens?

Post by ZAP »

Finally, they're coming to take me away!


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Bryn Mawr
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Not comets? Aliens?

Post by Bryn Mawr »

Arthur C Clark's Ringworld anyone?

I agree with Snowfire - I really do hope it's a megastructure being build as we watch.
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Not comets? Aliens?

Post by AnneBoleyn »

Built by Trump. It's a casino.

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