The Incredibles is just that - Incredible.

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The Incredibles is just that - Incredible.

Post by Hawke »

Well, I'm not one for animated films (save for certain animes - "Metropolis" comes to mind), but I thorougly enjoyed this latest offering from Pixar.

I'm again seeing the trend I noticed with "Shrek 2" of animated films pandering less and less to children and more towards adults. That claim probably requires explication, so here we go.

True, the characters and artworks seem designed to appeal to the younger generation ('cutesy' characters, bright colors - little darks), but the dialogue is geared more towards adults. The dialogue is laced with entendre and much of the comedy would not be apparent to the kids (though they won't care - -judging from the audience I saw it with).

All in all, a great film. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 (losing 1/2 star for various "cheesy" aspects - you'll see what I mean).
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The Incredibles is just that - Incredible.

Post by koan »

Just saw this film on the weekend with my daughter's birthday party. I didn't expect to like it so I probably enjoyed it even more. I find expectation affects enjoyment so I try not to pump films too much.

I also noticed the large percentage of adult oriented humour. In this one almost half the humour was imperceptable to most children but they enjoyed it just as much. My favourite character was, hands down, the costume designer. I met many of these people in the film industry...she is no exaggeration! Other highlight: "I'm the best good you're EVER gonna get!"
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The Incredibles is just that - Incredible.

Post by persephone »

It's not released over here until Thursday.

I've said before that cartoons aimed at children have far more adult orientated humor nowdays, and was told that I was just growing up, it's always been there.

So I'm glad others are seeing it too.
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The Incredibles is just that - Incredible.

Post by Tombstone »

Thanks for the reviews! I am looking forward to seeing this movie.
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