Review: The Final Freedoms . . .

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Review: The Final Freedoms . . .

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The first wholly new interpretation for two thousand years of the Gospel and moral teaching of Christ has been published. Radically different from anything else we known from history or tradition. Redefining all primary elements including the very nature of Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity, the Holy Spirit and especially the Resurrection, this new moral teaching is predicated upon the 'promise' of a precise, predefined, predictable and repeatable experience of transcendent omnipotence and called 'the first Resurrection' in the sense that the Resurrection of Jesus was intended to demonstrate Gods' willingness to reveal Himself and intervene directly into the natural world for those obedient to His Command, paving the way for access, by faith, to the power of divine Will and ultimate proof!

Thus 'faith' becomes an act of trust in action, the search along a defined path of strict self discipline, [a test of the human heart] to discover His 'Word' of a direct individual intervention into the natural world by omnipotent power that confirms divine will, law, command and covenant, which at the same time, realigns our mortal moral compass with the Divine, "correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries."

So like it or no, and many won’t, a new spiritual teaching, a moral wisdom not of human intellectual origin, transcending subjectivity, wholly testable by faith, meeting all Enlightenment criteria of direct, evidence based causation and definitive proof now exists, and carries all the implications that suggests. Nothing short of an intellectual, moral and spiritual revolution is getting under way. To test or not to test, that is the question?
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Re: Review: The Final Freedoms . . .

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Well, no, not entirely. It's not "meeting all Enlightenment criteria of direct, evidence based causation and definitive proof" because firstly, only a subset of experimenters can perform the test, and secondly because those who do perform the test can't demonstrate their results to the doubters. Not even slightly. The only place their experimental results are evident is within their own bubble of observation. Scarcely the way the Enlightenment envisaged science would be performed.

Within the bubble of personal belief then yes, faith moves mountains. To the third party observer nothing happened, the earth didn't move, the claimed experiment failed to provide a response. To the third party observer the experimenter is self-delusional. You plant your onions and you sow your crop. Given the choice to be in that bubble of faith or outside, I happily choose the intellectually honest conclusion that there is no external all-powerful God and that if there were, He would absolutely be worthy only of detestation, not worship.

It's delightful to see you post again, welcome back.
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Re: Review: The Final Freedoms . . .

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Um, Faith is , by definition, an act in trust.
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