Mixed Media Random Stuff.

Traditional or digital! Share your photos. Do you view the world a little differently through a lens? Let's discuss photos that you find interesting or worthy of discussion.
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jones jones
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Mixed Media Random Stuff.

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A Pangolin. I have to admit that I have never ever heard The Scaly Anteater referred to by this name.

We used to call this "Mother-in-law's tongue."

Parisian postcard with Mae Murray … and another variation on those half boots. I know of some teenage girls who would kill for boots like that!

All I can think of to say to this "person" is "Hulloooo!"

Two young girls enjoy the sun relaxing in their suits and wraps in England, September 1929 ... Could have been taken today!

Amy Winehouse ... I still grieve for this beautiful lady!

Put this up in your house ... please!

Yeah ... sometimes orange IS yellow.

Oh yes!

And right now please!

Nope ... these monsters do NOT belong on our oceans!

Very true to life~

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"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
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Mixed Media Random Stuff.

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My favorite is the hammock over a calm sea! I sooooo need a vacation and nothing would be better:guitarist

As always, very interesting images The Chosen!

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