Pictures from my garden last year

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Pictures from my garden last year

Post by ksd75 »

Just looking back through them makes me SO excited for spring to arrive. See, I've lived in an apartment for the past 6 years, and last year was my first time having a yard for a long time. Just not acceptable for a country girl at heart!!

Even though it was already spring when we moved in, and the soil was awful, I planted everything I could get my hands on. Some of it turned out quite lovely.


Morning Glories:

A blossum from my okra plant:

From the pumpkin vine:

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Pictures from my garden last year

Post by along-for-the-ride »

Beautiful flowers.:-6

I'm partial to sunflowers.................thanks for sharing!:)
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Pictures from my garden last year

Post by kayleneaussie »

How spectacular, thanks for sharing.:)

My daughter has a property and has a wonderful garden of flowers. She does arrangements and sells them at her front gate with an honesty tin. Now she has people knocking on her door for orders.:)
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Kathy Ellen
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Pictures from my garden last year

Post by Kathy Ellen »

Hello K and welcome to the garden....Hope you have fun here:-6

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Pictures from my garden last year

Post by CARLA »

Just beautiful lovely pictures thanks so much for sharing.


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