A new pic..

Traditional or digital! Share your photos. Do you view the world a little differently through a lens? Let's discuss photos that you find interesting or worthy of discussion.
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A new pic..

Post by Chezzie »

lovely pic AE, Go on post em all:):-6
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A new pic..

Post by Lon »

Here's Mine
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A new pic..

Post by WonderWendy3 »

Very nice pictures from both of you.....very very nice!

I would take a picture of myself and post it, but I have this HUGE zit on my forehead and my son was teasing me about it, so now I'm really paranoid about looking like a cyclopse (sp?)....

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A new pic..

Post by littlemissgiggle »

your soo pretty sweetie :-4:-4

you too Lon :D

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