Jack the Ripper exposed?

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Jack the Ripper exposed?

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On another forum I mentioned of a dream I'd had.

In the dream I dreamt of a young man busy studying in a small room, it was Victorian times. Another part of the dream was a man breaking into a room by means of breaking apart dry rot partitioning whilst another man slept, the sleeping man was brutally murdered by the intruder wearing womens clothes ,a veil, make up and a long heavy knife. I felt the murder was something to do with the intruder being slighted by the sleeping man sharing the same accommodation in a large house and shared by others.

Later in the dream I saw two men, one of thick set and of a military stature wearing a bowler hat and tweed suit and moustache, the another, a man of slight build with dark hair and dark suit enter an opened door of a 2 storey building, (white building with basement, with steps leading to front door) whilst the moustached man waited next door next to an unoccupied wrecked building, whist the dark haired man was inside a noise of something came from inside the entered house, the man waiting outside became alarmed and rushed into the building, I sensed something serious had happened, possibley a death?

I sensed that this was something to do with Jack the Ripper and that the young man who was studying looked similar to Montague Druitt, a Ripper suspect. I assumed the two men waiting by the house had some connection to the Police.

The dream started me looking up the Ripper murders which I had little knowledge about but I became interested as to what happened to Druitt, he was found floating down the Thames apparently he had committed suicide;, even a written suicide note was found, he's pockets were weighted down by coins..To me the suicide seemed highly suspicious to what I made out and the suicide note seemed ridiculous claiming that he committed suicide because he didn't want to end up like his mother who went insane. I did read that Druitts family in Dorset always thought Montague was the Ripper.

Just lately I read a passage from a book that states.....'Druitt was killed by a group of powerful and influential men who did not want Druitt caught and tried in case he brought them down with him.'


In my dream, it did not conclude that the person inside the house was murdered, it could have been due to an accident but for some reason I feel that Druitt did not commit suicide and that the Police knew in the latter stages of the Whitechapel murders who the murderer was and for some reason would prefer the public to think it was a mystery

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