Wandering Souls.

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Wandering Souls.

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Ok...I think the spirit can wander on the astral plane, which would explain those dreams you have that are just "too" real and the ability to meet up with someone in your dreams. And there is probably some danger involved, should you go tripping into the wrong realm or come up against any bad entities. A ward necklace won't hurt. But that weird suffocating chest pressure, although many believe otherwise that it really is an incubus or succubus or some such, is probably just a typical "night hag" which has more to do with the body succumbing to deep sleep.

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Wandering Souls.

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Interesting stuff. :D
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Wandering Souls.

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There is something of me that wanders, there are the dreams, not just those ordinary dreams but THOSE dreams, I have many of them, I quite sure I take on different identities, different features, different ages and different personalities, sometimes I think they are of people that have died, some possibly that have committed suicide. In THOSE dreams I'm always someone else and have a different face. I have told two people of a conversation they had together when I was asleep and they were in a totally different area when their conversation took place. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm a ghost that often people cant see, as in a lot of my dreams I try to speak to people but they cant hear or see me. I have been to places that have been in my dreams now I dont even bother to visit them. In one dream I was a lover of Kenny Ball and his jazz band and relished every note played, yet I utterly detest trad jazz. I've even woken up from a dream and have got dressed to specifically go to where I live, half an hour later to realise that I have no other place that I live?

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