Police who fabricate evidence

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Police who fabricate evidence

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I'll drop a URL here if that's okay.

We can discuss what emerges once the trials are over.

The police seem incapable of preventing units from going rogue. It happened to the Birmingham Six, it's happened since, and the fault is institutional. Nothing exists in the police system to proactively prevent corruption.

West Midlands police unit accused of perjury and falsifying evidence
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Police who fabricate evidence

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Kamlish appears to be doing a bit of extrapolating, but that's what one should expect from a competent defense attorney. It means he's engaged and focused. Without seeing and hearing first hand what's being said along with the associated body language, it's difficult to make determinations on these sorts of things.

While I am personally often suspicious of police officers and their testimonies, it appears to me from reading this article that the excuses the officers give could be valid.

But to your statement; yes, the police seem to have very little in the way of accountability to the public.
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