Stealing from the disabled veterans

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Stealing from the disabled veterans

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Yeah, they actually did.

About once a month we get a mailer from the vets letting

us know when they will come around for a donation pickup.

I almost always have something to put out for them, even

if it's only some books or something. This time, I had spent

several days (2-3 hours ea) going through things, and

really culling big time. Finally decided to give up the skis,

the sleeping bags, the tent, lot of shoes (some brand new)

an office chair, etc. just a huge pile of stuff. Put it all out

yesterday afternoon, clearly marked who it was for.

Lillie and I left for our walk this morning about 7:20, all

the stuff was still there. Get back home about an hour

later, and thieves have picked through and taken what

they wanted. I was sooo hurt and pissed off!

I called the police dept., they are going to send me a

report to fill out. And you can bet I'll be attaching the

picture I took of all the stuff spread out on the garage


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