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There's a miserable tale in the paper this morning.

The 28-year-old was married and his wife had recently given birth to the couple's second son.

A GoFundMe fundraiser aiming to support the family has already raised almost $40,000 (£29,000).

US daredevil dies during world record attempt

The essential aspect of the word "daredevil" is recklessness, according to my dictionary. I'm not sure what people these days thing reckless means but I was always of the opinion that it meant paying no heed to consequences, "reck" as in reckoning and "less" from ignoring it.

I don't think a GoFundMe fundraiser is a suitable response, to be honest. Surely a lack of consequence will just encourage the next such incident.

Any respectable coroner ought to take a dim view of the entire proceeding and criticize his team, especially his team's management, and the terms of the event's insurance contract.
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