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I remember a story I heard one time:

"A man's boss intimidates him at work. The man goes home and yells at his wife. The exasperated wife slaps their kid. The kid goes over and kicks the dog. The dog goes out and bites the mailman..."

And so forth. It seems that sometimes we can become vectors, unwitting or not, for forces which continue to travel after we have departed the scene. The good news is that we can be vectors for joy, peace, hope and love, just as we can be vectors for anxiety, judgment, fear, anger, shame and confusion.

I was considering this in light of the idea of "information"... one of my freinds was commenting on our being in the "Information Age", which means we are being inundated with e-mails and facebook posts and tweets and voicemails and internet stories and whatnot, to add to the usual television, radio, and newspaper.

Well, in light of the story above, and in light of the fact that we are creatures of feelings as well as thought, it made me wonder just how much of the "information" we receive and disseminate is just emotions in disguise? I mean, I have the option to convey "good news" or "bad news" to my neighbor.

Is there such thing as "value-free information"? Or is everything we convey colored by our value judgements, conscious or not, about the worth of each particular bit of "datum" we present our neighbor(s)?

If somebody desides to dump all their anxieties or fear on me, to (ostensibly) get some relief from their present condition, I have the option not to pick up on it; I can shut down that "information stream" and consciously choose not to be its vector. And if somebody "does me wrong" I can forgive, and instead pass on a more positive "vibration" with my return message.

Because everything we do sends a message.
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Good post recycle, and true. I wonder about some of my friends and family on Facebook and their apparent need to share certain pieces of their life. Of course I am no different and you have me asking myself about what messages I may be sending out with my posts.

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