For Sale Right Now! World Famous HUTCHISON ANTI-GRAVITY LAB

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For Sale Right Now! World Famous HUTCHISON ANTI-GRAVITY LAB

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Hello folks, this is John Hutchison.

I am MOVING from my location in Canada (near Vancouver) and am selling the Anti-Gravity portion of my lab.

(No worries folks, I have more NEW projects I am working on, and the anti-gravity lab needs to go to a good home).

This lab includes ALL OF THE COMPONENTS that I have used to produce anti-gravity, INCLUDING many pieces of equipment that I built with my own hands and are ONE of a KIND. If you place a bid, I will send you the complete list of equipment included (serious buyers only).

The anti-gravity lab will be carefully packed on approximately six (6) pallets, and you will need to send a moving truck to bring it to your place.PLEASE NOTE THE SHIPPING INFORMATION IS NOT must arrange for a moving company to pick up the pallets!

If you want me to come and set up the lab and show you how to operate the anti-gravity, there is an additional fee of $10,000.00 (U.S.)

Featured in numerous TV shows, including National Geographic here:

Is It Real? | Bermuda Triangle | Triangle Facts | National Geographic Channel

various scientists filming here:

2008 hutchison effect 2 of 5 - CrazyMotion!

Japanese TV:

Hutchison Effect Japan part 2 of 2 | Free SciFi & Fantasy Videos - Watch SciFi & Fantasy Videos Online | Veoh

Full Experimental Video of Anti Gravity lab in 2006:

Hutchison 2006 Full Experimental-Footage

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For Sale Right Now! World Famous HUTCHISON ANTI-GRAVITY LAB

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I'm pleased to say I've never heard of him until today. What an odd fellow.
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