Symphony of Science

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Symphony of Science

Post by Saint_ »

As I surf the web looking for educational materials, I occasionally come across some really cool stuff. This site is one of those. It is a collage of Carl Sagan and Stephan hawking quotes put together into a video and digitally synched to make them ...sing!

Check it out, they are free to download and yeah...I think they're cool enough for just that!

Symphony of Science
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Symphony of Science

Post by Ahso! »

I watched that a couple of years ago, its cool! Thanks for posting it.
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Symphony of Science

Post by G#Gill »

Very clever and imaginative. Thank you Saint. :D
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Symphony of Science

Post by Amythest »

Me likes!

Thanks Saint!
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Symphony of Science

Post by LarsMac »


I love it.

Thanks for posting it, Saint_
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