Arsenic In Apple Grape Juices

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Arsenic In Apple Grape Juices

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The Consumer Reports findings follow on the heels of the recent set of tests conducted by the personal-health TV program The Dr. Oz Show, which found similar results and aired them on national television. In a September 9 letter to the show's producer, an FDA official dismissed the findings, charging the tests did not distinguish between arsenic in its inorganic form, which is highly toxic, and its organic form, which is relatively benign. The letter rebuked the show for publicizing the results, calling it "irresponsible and misleading."

But the Consumer Reports data won't be so easily dismissed. According to the article, "most" of the arsenic it found in juices was of the toxic inorganic variety. And while in an online Q&A about apple juice and arsenic, the FDA calls organic arsenic "essentially harmless," it adds a few paragraphs later that "some scientific studies have shown that two forms of organic arsenic found in apple juice could also be harmful, and because of this, the FDA counts these two forms of organic arsenic in with the overall content for inorganic arsenic."

Pretty disturbing evidence and the FDA is proven to be nothing more than a lackey for the industry. And this is with regulations, can you imagine what the levels would be without them?

There's Arsenic in Your Kids' Apple Juice | Mother Jones
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Arsenic In Apple Grape Juices

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tsk tsk don't you realise all this environmentalist nonsense is a commie plot to wreck the american economy with to much regulation? Joking aside I reckon there are cocktails of pesticides and insecticides out there whose long term effects are only beginning to show. Not that I profess to be an expert. I live in an area bounded by land that cannot be farmed because of long term industrial pollution and where there are massive landfill sites in what used to be disused old quarries that can't be build on or used in any way.

GW removed an awful lot of regulation that got in the way of business looks like it will be children that pay the price.
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Arsenic In Apple Grape Juices

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Arsenic has long been recognized as a poison and a contaminant in drinking water, but now concerns are growing about arsenic in foods, especially in fruit juices that are a mainstay for children.


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