A particular American mindset ?

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A particular American mindset ?

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Most nationalities have labels attached, meticulous Germans, aloof Brits, passionate Italians.

This is all about the latest American shooting, it does happen all around the world, but not on the scale and regularity of the US.

So the question I wanted to ask, is this a particularly American thing, brought on by cultural, historical differences ?

The Americans are the only nation to have used the atomic bomb in earnest.

The US is famously using remotely controlled Drone aircraft in allies remote areas, has used cluster bombs, napalm and agent orange on a massive scale.

Is there something in the American way of life that promotes such apparent disregard for fellow human beings life ?
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A particular American mindset ?

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I don't think Americans are any more violent than anyone else it's just their nutters can get their hands on guns so easily. An inadequate with a gun is a lot more dangerous than one with a knife.

The Americans were simply the first to develop a working nuclear bomb - and then promptly forgot they couldn't have done it on their own. Hitler would certainly have used it, so would have japan. Maybe it's the lack of experience of the effects of total war in their own country and on their population that means the appetite for warfare is undiminished, or not. We weren't exactly backward at getting involved in iraq and Tony Blair is still a free man.

Religion still plays a big part in their society - maybe it''s that

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