Everybody Qualifies

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Everybody Qualifies

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And Please Remember That No Matter What You Have Done In Your Life Up Until This Point, And No Matter Who You Are Or Where You Come From – You Can Still Become A Christian As Long As There Is Breath In Your Body. Don’t Listen To The “Haters” Out There Who Would Tell You Otherwise. Therefore, For All Of You More “Rebellious” Types Out There Who Come From Tough Neighborhoods And Backgrounds, And Who Have Had Hard Upbringings And Who Might Be Wondering If It’s Too Late To Come To Christ, You Should Know That Every Morning When The Sun Rises Upon The Earth It Is Not Only A Blessing From God For You To Experience But It Is Also Another Day And Another Chance For You To Make The Right Choice And For You To Accept The Will Of God In The Place Of That Of Your Own. To Help You Understand This More – Please Click On This Link To Listen To This Song: Bizzle - Hater Say - YouTube

And If You’re Still Not Convinced That You Qualify To Become A Christian (Anyone Can Qualify As Long As They Are Willing To Repent And Turn To Christ), Than You Can Listen To This Person’s Testimony In Song Form Of How They Went From Sinner To Saved By The Grace Of God – Please Click On This Link To Listen To This Song:

"Whenever Satan Reminds You Of Your Past, Remind Him Of His Future."
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