Черный Орел is back.

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Черный Орел is back.

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Russias Black Eagle next generation tank is apparently back from the dead. Just what the story is with this thing I don't have a clue. All I can think of is they're keeping in as a test bed/prototype for their next generation tank.

The hull on this is a T-80 hull with it's gas turbine, in the video you can hear it. The crew positions (driver, gunner, commander) are redesigned in order to keep them out of the turret. Each crew station has it's own secondary armor surrounding the crewmans position.

The big square bustle on the rear of the turret is said to be the auto loader and the magazine containing the rounds. The entire assembly is supposedly separate from the crew compartment and can quickly be unbolted from the tank and replaced with another. The entire tank is just over 2 meters high making it very easy to hide. It's said to have the same gunnery system as the French LeClerc and GLONASS navigation and a modern battle management system.


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