WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

Post by TruthBringer »

For anyone on this message board who may be familiar with some of the earlier threads that I started when I first became a member here at Forumgarden.com, I would just like to write a few words here to clear up any confusion that people might have when they see that I profess to be a Christian but that some of the things I wrote about in my early days here appeared to be Non Christian like in nature. Those who would have noticed this are absolutely 100% correct, and this is why I am creating this post for those who may have become aware of that.

This is very important and I must clear this up before there is any confusion. Back in 2006 when I started this thread, I had a false belief that reincarnation was real. I no longer have this belief, and I haven't for years now. The reason I am stating this is because you will find me make reference to this belief during the beginning parts of this thread. This belief is a deception of Lucifer, the Devil, and holds no value in my Life anymore, and it never should have in the first place. I can not stress this enough, because if you read this thread from beginning to end, you will see the transformation that God undertook with me to get me to the point where I am at now. Also, there is no longer a belief that "God is everything" in my value system. That also, was a Satanic deception which unfortunately I fell pray to at the time that I started this thread. God is not "everything", God is God, and we are His creations. The belief that God is everything is actually referred to as pantheism. Pantheism is nothing more than a belief system that has it's roots in the depths of hell. Unfortunately, I was led astray with this New Age belief system at the beginning of the time that I wrote this thread, but I have since then rebuked it in the name of Jesus the Christ and will never ever go back to such a demonic influence again.

To help people better understand how God does not need to exist in everything to be God, here is a good ancient scripture that points this fact out very well, although it is not a part of the Bible, it still serves it's purpose for bringing this point across:

Jesus Said: "I have come to teach you About what is And what was And what will be In order for you to understand The invisible world And the world that is visible And the immovable race of perfect humanity." "Raise your head; Understand my lessons; Share them with any others who have received The Spirit, Who are from the immovable race of perfect humanity.”

"The Inexpressible One"

The One rules all. Nothing has authority over it.

It is the God.

It is Father of everything,

Holy One

The invisible one over everything.

It is uncontaminated

Pure light no eye can bear to look within."

"The One is the Invisible Spirit.

It is not right to think of it as a God or as like God.

It is more than just God."

"Nothing is above it.

Nothing rules it.

Since everything exists within it

It does not exist within anything.

Since it is not dependent on anything

It is eternal."

"It is absolutely complete and so needs nothing.

It is utterly perfect


"The One is without boundaries

Nothing exists outside of it to border it

The One cannot be investigated

Nothing exists apart from it to investigate it

The One cannot be measured

Nothing exists external to it to measure it."

"The One cannot be seen

For no one can envision it

The One is eternal

For it exists forever

The One is inconceivable

For no one can comprehend it

The One is indescribable

For no one can put any words to it."

"The One is infinite light




The One is incomprehensible

Perfectly free from corruption.

Not “perfect”

Not “blessed”

Not “divine”

But superior to such concepts.

Neither physical nor unphysical

Neither immense nor infinitesimal

It is impossible to specify in quantity or quality

For it is beyond knowledge.

The One is not a being among other beings

It is vastly superior

But it is not “superior.”

"It is outside of realms of being and time

For whatever is within realms of being was created

And whatever is within time had time allotted to it

The One receives nothing from anything.

It simply apprehends itself in its own perfect light."

"The One is majestic.

The One is measureless majesty

Chief of all Realms

Producing all realms


Producing light


Producing life


Producing blessedness


Producing knowledge


Producing goodness


Producing mercy


Producing generosity

[It does not “possess” these things.]

It gives forth light beyond measure, beyond comprehension."

[What can I say?]

"His realm is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before everything.

He is the head of every realm sustaining each of them through goodness."
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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

Post by TruthBringer »

The last point that I need to make very clear is that when I started some of my threads here on ForumGarden.com I used to use terms like "ESP", and "Psychic Ability". I no longer like to use these terms, and the reason is because they can lead a person astray from the true prophetic abilities that only the Lord possesses and gives to certain individuals accordingly. The words ESP and Psychic Ability can open doorways into belief systems that are NOT of the Lord, and therefore in my opinion they should never be accepted as proper terms to be used to describe "prophetic ability" by any Christian in relation to a person's prophetic talents or gifts that can only come from the one true God. Oh there are many false prophecies and false prophetic abilities out there in the world, but they are demonic in nature, and they do not originate from the Lord.

Instead, I would rather now use only the term come to known as "prophecy". Prophecy is the gift that God gives to chosen individuals. That is the only word a Christian should use to describe the gifts that were given to individuals that are listed in the Bible and even I believe to specific individuals today.

Now, with that said, the only reason that I still stand by many of the prophecies that are contained within many of the threads I have created here on Forum Garden, is for one reason and one reason only, which is that they lend credence to the fact that the Bible is not only real, but that the stories in the Bible are also real, and ultimately, therefore that God is real, and always has been, and always will be.

So although I only accept the Bible as the one true written word of God, I also know that the prophecies listed in many of my threads can expand upon that, in a way that shines extra light on the Bible as being the only necessary prophetic book, because many if not all of the prophecies listed in them do indeed tie into the prophecies of the Bible as given by God to His chosen people to give to the world.

So what I am saying is, if you find a pattern in many of the prophecies listed by Jean Dixon, Edgar Cayce, etc., as far as how they correlate with the Bible (including the Native American ones, etc.), than this is a good thing ONLY if you therefore look to the Bible to be the ultimate source of where these prophecies end up giving the credit to. In other words, only God has the ability to give prophecy, and so if the prophecies do match up with the Bible, which indeed appears to be the case, than they are only there to do so in order to bring people to the Bible itself, which is where the only prophecies that ultimately matter are and should therefore be studied thoroughly by all of God's Children. This is why I still think that there is some important value to many of the prophecies listed in many of my threads.

Also important to mention, is that both Jean Dixon, and Edgar Cayce, claimed to have faith in Christ and that they were Christians while they were alive. Unfortunately for them, even though they claimed this to be the case, some of their practices can definitely be put into question as far as what the Bible says is acceptable, and unacceptable, etc. However, I do think it is extremely important to point out that both Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce did give the credit for their "abilities" ultimately to the Lord/Jesus the Christ, and so that is very important for people to understand as far as where they claimed their abilities were coming from. Was this indeed the case? Only the Lord knows for sure, but one thing I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that if their prophecies do not tie into the Bible as far as what the Bible says is going to unfold as time passes on, than they should be discarded immediately by any Christian who looks into them as being a reference point for Biblical prophecy.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. This is something that everyone needs to understand. Does the Lord give prophetic ability to people outside of Christianity? Well, we know that prophetic ability does indeed exist, even when it comes to non Christians, so the only way to measure a person's prophetic ability is to use the Bible as a means of eliminating which prophecies are real and which prophecies are not. This is the only measuring stick that we Christians are given to measure the fruits of someone's supposed "prophetic abilities". And if they do not match up with the Bible, than they are a false reality indeed.

I hope by writing this I that I have cleared up at least some of the confusion that might have come about as to where I stand in my beliefs now and where I stood when I started some of my earlier threads when I first became a member here at Forum Garden. The Lord/The Holy Spirit has been working on me daily since that time, and many of my false beliefs have been stripped away from me by God and I am forever grateful for that being the case. The Holy Spirit works on ALL of God's Children, and in due time, we will all be brought to perfection. I humbly give the Lord ALL of the Glory for the things He has done in my Life, and I know that before and after my death I will be brought to victory over every sin that has ever occurred in my Life. Therefore, I trust in nothing else but the Lord and the Holy Bible as the only Truth I need to be guided by from now until the day that I die. And I am regretful for many of the false beliefs that I had injected into some of my threads when I first created them back in the day here. If I could go back in time and erase those beliefs, I would, but I understand that it is not at all possible for me to do so, and so instead, hopefully they will serve as proof of what the Holy Spirit has done for me and how far I have come so far in my life in relation to how I was then and how I am now.

I feel that I owe everyone who has ever read any of my earlier threads here at Forum Garden a deep apology (that's an understatement) for unintentionally leading others astray with many of my early beliefs, and so please understand that from the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry for ever having done that and can promise you all that it will NEVER happen again as long as I live. We're all sinners, and as the Bible says, all of us have fallen short of the Glory of the Lord. I was and am no exception to that rule. So I ask for forgiveness for my sins from the Lord and I will continue to serve Him and Him only as I progress down the narrow path towards His Kingdom.

With all that now out of the way, may the Lord God Bless you all and may He be with you all Always and Forever.
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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

Post by TruthBringer »

Looks like I was off by a couple years guys. Obviously, prophecy speaks for itself, and does not need me to speak for it. Though I am sorry for my misunderstandings.

Guys, I have what might be some really bad news for Humanity.

I believe that it’s quite possible that we are literally in the 2 years where the Holy Bible’s 7th Seal will be opened upon us. From this year, 2014, all the way into next year, 2015. Soon afterwards or during we should see some extremely horrible natural disasters occurring everywhere on this planet.

The reason why I believe this is because of the famous 4 Blood Moon Omen that is to occur both this year and the next, because it coincides perfectly with Biblical prophecy.

The really really bad news, though, is that it looks like this Blood Moon Omen is going to signal what might be a Pole-Shift on our planet. One that might end up killing most of us (rapturing us out) so to speak. This could mean literal planetary devastation.

The Four Blood Moons are said to be occurring soon on God’s Holy Days. The first one is to occur this year, on the Passover Feast of April 15th. The next one is said to occur on October 8th of this year, which is also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles. Next year, in 2015, two more of these Blood Moons are supposed to occur. The first of next year will be on April 4th, of 2015, another Holy Day of the Passover, and then on September 15th, or the Holy Feast of the Tabernacles again.

So 4 Blood Red Moons, all of them only months apart, foretelling of God’s judgement being poured out on our planet.

We know that the Holy Bible describes this coming Pole-Shift in GREAT detail. Let's not forget that the Holy Bible is the ultimate authority on prophecy.
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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

Post by TruthBringer »

Sorry for being flat out wrong in many cases.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water though please.

Take anything that you've learned from here that you know is True, and apply it towards what's coming.

"Stick to the Bible, Humility is Vital." - Trip Lee
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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

Post by Týr »

We're delighted to see you wandering through, I hope life's being kind.

Long Live General Kim Jong-un, the Shining Sun!
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WW3 - New World Order - Pole Shift - Age of Peace (2006-2012)

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I appreciate a person who admits it when wrong.

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