20th July apology

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20th July apology

Post by spot »

The site suffered a major database error yesterday and it has taken a while to bring it back online. I apologize, it caught me at an unfortunate time and Bryn's on his boat with no computer.

The cache problem persists and still requires a page reload to see changes during the previous five minutes, it's on my list.
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20th July apology

Post by Bruv »

It is just nice to see you back, hope all is well your end.

I did try to email the webmaster when presented with a blank page, but that bounced.
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20th July apology

Post by Betty Boop »

Yay you got it back up and running even without your main computer!
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20th July apology

Post by gmc »

My e-mail bounced as well
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20th July apology

Post by Clodhopper »

Phew. I had started to worry it was something more serious perhaps involving the nut behind the wheel. Glad it wasn't. :)
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20th July apology

Post by magentaflame »

seems the Universe is conscious. lol
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