Subscription Changes

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Bryn Mawr
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Subscription Changes

Post by Bryn Mawr »

I've had enough of battling against the subscription system and decided it has to change :-(

Despite my best endeavours recurring transactions are still failing - what is worse the last several members to take out a subscription have used it without intending to :wah:

So, as of tonight, there are no new recurring transactions. The existing agreements will be honoured but I'll remove the options to take out more.

Hopefully this will smooth the path for all of us. One-off subscriptions work fine on the automatics so no-one should be left waiting for me to log in before they get updated.

Now I'll go and see if I can change it without wrecking everything - oops.
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Subscription Changes

Post by Snooz »

Thanks again for noticing I had signed up as recurring, I hadn't intended to!

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