Not before time

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Betty Boop
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Not before time

Post by Betty Boop »

At long last The Speaker finally told Johnson to answer the bloody questions and to stop asking questions of the opposition. Mind you, he didn't listen and was eventually told to sit down :(
I've not watched Prime Ministers Questions for quite some time now due to a fear of smashing my telly with a remote thrown at Boris and his annoying habit of never answering any questions. Looking forward to watching it this evening, although I won't hold my breath that he will behave better next time.

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Re: Not before time

Post by magentaflame »

Its funny you know. My son never gets into international politics. He saw Boris for the first time the other day.
His words not mine......" whos that? Their prime minister?
" Is he mentally disabled?"

Shrugs :lol:
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Re: Not before time

Post by G#Gill »

Hi MF, your son is very observant! :lol: Actually, he could well be right ! Boris looks so like a tramp, and he is supposed to be running our country! His brain seems to work a tad faster than his mouth can cope with, which is very encouraging for all who have to listen to him.
I can't think of anybody in Parliament who could possibly be a half decent Prime Minister. Gone are the days of 'statesmen' who managed to gain the respect of home people as well as polis from other countries. Nowadays other country leaders just seem to laugh at us, and that doesn't surprise me when our 'leader' is such a wally. :roll:
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Re: Not before time

Post by spot »

G#Gill wrote: Sat Nov 27, 2021 3:20 am I can't think of anybody in Parliament who could possibly be a half decent Prime Minister.
Kemi Badenoch, Minister of State for Levelling Up Communities.
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Re: Not before time

Post by LarsMac »

Am I the only one wondering how on Earth the modern Democracies seem to be turning out the most God-Awful leaders, these days.
Seems that the education systems in said Democracies has failed them most miserably.
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