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Jj's Journal of Images ...

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Every now and again like once in a while ... not often, I post stuff simply to get it off my mind ... almost like a sort of closure I guess.

When I do this I don't give a toss whether any other earthling ever sees or reads what I have posted, but if they do then that's cool.

This is one of those times ...

Housekeeping, the Betty Boop way “Betty Boop’s Birthday Party” Max Fleisicher (1933)


Balanchine’s School of American Ballet 1936 ... Ballerinas through the ages all seem to look the same.

Bad Girls — paperback cover art by James Alfred Meese, 1958.

Annie, January 1864, Julia Margaret Cameron. J. Paul Getty Museum.

An otter pup and mom cuddle.

Imperial hug… 1960.

1955 ... Jimmy & Chrissie Maybe?

Lillian Bassman, Next to Nothing…, New York, 1948.

Lisa for Jacques Fath.

Margie Cato photographed by Lillian Bassman, c. 1950.

Maurice Baquet, Chopin and his Muse by Robert Doisneau, 1950s.

McLoughlin Bros., Table game [Cats on the Wall], ca. 1885.

Me Too.

Milton Caniff, in the studio with Carol Ohmart, the model for the character Copper Calhoon, 1947.

The little Marilyn.

Pasta Medusa ... Vik Muniz (Brazilian, b. 1961)

Vintage Halloween masks in beautiful colours.

William Robinson Leigh, Visionary City, 1908.

"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

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