Should I or shouldn't I?

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Should I or shouldn't I?


When I was 17 I got to drive a Mercedes in a parade. Someone took a picture of me in the car and gave it to me. I wrote on the back "I will own one."

Now I am 66 and have never owned a Mercedes, but for the last ten years or so I have been saving for such a car and now have the ability to buy one and pay cash.

I have four grown children all employed but like everyone else fearful they will lose their job and trying to pay bills. I have four grandchildren who I am trying to help with their furture by putting a little away for their college finds.

Now that I can buy the car, I feel guilty about doing so. Not only relative to my own family but other people not so fortunate.

So, what should I do? I can afford the car that's not the issue, but is it the right thing to do at this time? :o
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