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Alex Edelman

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I've just stood in my kitchen cooking with, as usual on such occasions, the radio on. It was a half hour program of someone I've not heard of before, Alex Edelman, before a live audience. His audience laughed regularly in time with his observations. I didn't break into so much as a smile, much less a laugh, even once, throughout.

Either I have become entirely humourless or the audience was behaving dutifully, I have no way of knowing which. On the other hand there are programs at the same time of day on the same radio channel which I enjoy for their comedy.

If anyone would like to put in a good word for Mr Edelman I'd be grateful. We might then discuss this new variant of "humour" which I have entirely failed to learn. What I found myself doing throughout was thinking "that's obviously untrue... that's surely not accurate... that's impossible" and I'm quite certain if I tested his claims one by one against Wikipedia I'd be proved right. Is blatantly, transparently lying a new comedic norm? What point is there?

Satire, if that's what was being attempted, does not consist of serial lying. Some people seem incapable of realizing this.
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