And we're supposedly backward compared the US?

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And we're supposedly backward compared the US?

Post by AussiePam »

Which is why it is a very good idea for everybody who can manage it, to travel outside their own country, Kathy. Amazing what this does for one's worldview.

Imagine what FG would be like if every singe poster had spent say one month in one foreign country, not on tour, but living alongside the locals.


This is not to say that travelling around in one's own country isn't also a good thing. But it's not the same as stepping outside one's security zone.
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And we're supposedly backward compared the US?

Post by Helen »

i spent a month in florida 18mths ago, we went to sea world where i got seperated from my friends. PANIC !! after about 30mins, i decided to go back to the car, passing a police patrol car on the way so i thought if the worse happens i can go to them for help. the car wasnt where i thought it was.... TOTAL PANIC by that time....... so i head back, the police car by that time had stopped someone in another car and where crouched behind their doors, guns drawn, shouting at screaming at the occupants.

by now, believe me, i was ready to pass out when i heard someone shout my name, thanking god and anyone else who came to mind, it was my friends husband and son, who had come to find me.

this has nothing to do with the topic of this thread i know,but for a while after i got home, i was never going to leave my house again let alone go abroad !!

now i can laugh about it so i thought it might make anyone else laugh, who happens to read this :D

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