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How do I get my pic in here?
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If you are referring to the question of how you may post your own custom avatar, then you may find more information on that here.
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If I'm following Bullet, he means, how does he post a picture from his computer...I had the same problem posting my "Fawn Photo" picture. Any tips??? I still don't know how it was done, as I had my sister do it for me.... :yh_giggle
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If it is something that is on the web then this gives step-by-step instructions of how to hot link.

http://www.forumgarden.com/forums/showp ... stcount=39

If it is something saved your computers hard drive, then you need to add it as an attachment, find manage attachments to do this. The file you upload should be bmp, doc, gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, mp3, pdf, png, psd, txt or zip and of a set size so you may need to edit it before attempting to upload it.

How to attach files

You should see a Manage Attachments below the main posting box. When you click the Manage Attachments button a window will open. When you click Browse button the standard Open dialogue window for your computer will open. Browse to the file you want to attach, select it and click OK, Open or doubleclick according to your liking and/or the correct procedure for your computer. If the board administrator has allowed it you will be able to upload multiple attachments by following the same procedure as described above until you reach the max allowed number of attachments for each post. Click on the Upload button to attach the pictures.

You may not be able to view them in a preview but you should see them when you submit reply.

The board administrator sets an upper limit for filesize, defined file extensions and other things for attachments on the board. Be aware that it's your responsiblity that your attachments comply with the boards acceptance of use policy, and that they may be deleted without warning.
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