Dating Game - G-man and Koan the uncut version

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Dating Game - G-man and Koan the uncut version

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I met with G-man before the night of the date. (He is every bit as sexy as I imagined)

He told me that he wanted to find out if I was telling the truth in one of my answers. I tried not to laugh, thinking he must mean the final answer but, as it turned out, he meant the one where I said I like surprises. I agreed to let him take care of the plans himself.

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The Date begins:

As arranged, I wait outside my house for a black sedan. It is seven pm and warm outside. I'm wearing simple, loose black pants that rest just above my hipbones and a black sleeveless top covered by a steel blue sweater buttoned just above my navel.

The car arrives and the driver gets out to open the back door for me. G is waiting for me in the back seat. I ask where we are going but he won't say. I like the mystery and don't ask any further. Aside from a few random comments, we drive in silence. I like feeling his eyes on me and he sees the approval when I return his look. After about 20 minutes G takes a black blindfold out of his pocket and asks me to put it on. I glance out the window looking for a clue as to where we are but it is getting darker and I can only see trees lining the country road. I take the blindfold and get pleasant shivers at the feeling of his fingers on the back of my neck as he ties it securely. It is snug but not too tight. Now I wait.

The sound of the road beneath the car is muted but it seems louder now. I can hear his breathing soft beside me and a few moments where his hand or leg brushes against mine. The car slows, turns and gradually comes to a stop.
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Dating Game - G-man and Koan the uncut version

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*The rest of this date has been rated R... erm rather X: for comic mischief, language, sensuality, nudity, and partial nudity ( but mostly nudity :p ) , strong sexual content, etc., etc., etc... * :D

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