How The Dating Game Works

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How The Dating Game Works

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For any newcomers who might have trouble figuring out what The Dating Game is and how it works, these are the general guidelines:

The game consists of one player and three contestants. The player asks the questions and uses their normal username. The three contestants are other members using contestant accounts that were previously set up and new passwords are handed out for each game.

There is currently only one game at a time as there are currently only three contestant accounts.

The player asks five questions and each of the contestants gives their best answer. All three contestants answer all five questions. The player can ask all questions right at the beginning or wait for the answers each time.

When all the contestants have given five answers the player chooses the contestant that they feel gave the best answers and they get a date thread.

Since everyone does a great job playing the game everyone who plays can then post in the Dating Game Dance Club thread whether they "won" the game or not.

If you wish to play The Dating Game you can PM me (koan) and I will add you to the list of players. Sometimes games are filled up quickly but you will get a chance to play.

If there are any further questions go ahead and ask in this thread.

If there are any suggestions for how to improve the game go ahead and mention your ideas in this thread.

Do not, however, go and start your own dating game thread as there will be no contestants lined up to play.
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How The Dating Game Works

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:wah::wah: Yes !! Jones Jones this is what you've been waiting for! Just kiddin with ya :)
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How The Dating Game Works

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I loved this and "mystery gardener"....they were fun!!:):):)

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