Menstruation - An Unnatural Event?

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Menstruation - An Unnatural Event?

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I don't think that menstration is unnatural. It is a part of being a woman of childbearing age.

I agree that for some/many women, Depo has not been a healthy or happy experience for them.

I also know many women that are on the Depo injection that are healthy and happy.

It is most definately up to the individual to make their own decisions about such things and to research it.

It is available here with due consultation with your doctor.

I really feel that it is a drug (like thousands of others on the market) that agrees with some people and not for others. It should be available through a doctor if they and you feel that it is appropriate. I think it should be an informed choice made by the woman and her health professional. As it should be when you seek any medication from a doctor.

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Menstruation - An Unnatural Event?

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Just to point out something I think is fairly important...

In general, drugs need to stay within a percentage of harm to be deemed safe. I don't think depo meets those standards. While some women may love depo and not be aware of any side effects (keeping in mind that many women writing their horror stories on the sites did not realise that their problem came from depo until reading other stories) drugs should not be offered to the public until they meet safety standards.

That one of the creators of the drug is now declaring women's bodily functions to be unnatural adds to my concern regarding his wrecklessness and lack of respect for women in general.
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Menstruation - An Unnatural Event?

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My cousins are on it. They couldn't really figure out the whole condom situation (to put it nicely) and they ended up messing up on birth-control so it was the only other option. I'm hesitant to try it or anything other than condoms. I know a couple girls (nobody in my family) who reacted badly to it and I know someone who ended up with cervical cancer from Yaz. I don't like my period, but right now I'm not having any serious trouble with it so I just let it be. If it isn't broken -don't fix it :) I can deal with cramps, bloating and bleeding.

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