A Breast Reconstruction Story

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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by Lon »

My wife was diagnosed July 2006 with a high grade ductal carcinoma of

the right breast. After considering the options and ruling out

radiation followed by chemo or a lumpectomy, opted for a total

mastectomy of the right breast with immediate reconstruction using the

SIEA FLAP procedure.

This involves taking flesh, fat and blood vessels from the stomach and

replacing them into the remaining exteior breast tissue via microsurgery.

This procedure was done in August following her July diagnosis.

In November she had a nipple reconstruction. Here we are in February

2007 and her breast looks and feels exactly like her removed breast.

Nerves were not able to be replaced so she has little or no feeling in the breast.

The scaring is barely noticible and will look even less noticible in

time. This was a truly amazing procedure and is far superior in the

view of many to having silicone or other implants that it time could

become troublesome. The procedure was done by Dr. Robert Allen who

pioneered the procedure in the U.S. and has taught it in the states and

abroad. She has become a poster girl for this procedure and has shared

her story with a number of recently diagnosed women. Dr. Allen's web site has some truly amazing before and after pictures.
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by minks »

Oh Lon what an uplifting story... Congratulations to your wife's success.
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by RedGlitter »

Isn't it amazing what they can do? Lon, best wishes to your wife. :)
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by abbey »

My very best to you and your poster girl Lon. :-4
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by Peg »

It's good to see you back Lon. I'm happy for your wife and you. This is the miracle that modern science should be. :-6
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by weeder »

That is absolutely wonderful. Nice to see you.
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by Rapunzel »

It's truly amazing to see how far medical science has advanced in the last 20 years.

Thanks Lon for sharing your wonderful story. Big hugs to you and Mrs Lon. :-4 :yh_hugs :yh_hugs
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A Breast Reconstruction Story

Post by nvalleyvee »

I am soooo happy for your wife - she is a survivor!!!! I am happy you still have your wife with whom to share many more years. I had the same kind of breast cancer and her prognosis is 98% survivor over the next 5 years. After five years she will be considered cured. Having had a mastectomy, I know what it means to have that particular body part restored - I hated looking down and seeing ribs instead of a breast. I love modern medicine.

Best wishes to both of you!!!! :-6
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