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Post by BabyRider »

I am officially, deeply, irreparably hooked on this game. There's just a couple questions I have for admin: An old version of mahjong had different layouts, the tiles were arranged in different patterns, not the same way for every game. There was also a "back" button, where if you'd made a move and then saw a better one, you could un-do the last move you made. Also, when there were no more possible moves left, the computer would tell you, "You have no more available moves" It's damn frustrating to be searching and searching for a match, when there are no more. And lastly, there was a "hint" button, so if you were truly stuck, it would show you a match to get you going again.

Can you "tweak" the games we have or do you have to take them as they come?

P.S. Has anyone noticed the one or 2 impossible games that pop up once in a while? Where the very top tile has it's 3 matches directly underneath it?
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Post by abbey »

Know what you mean about the 3 same tiles BR, i just reset the game until i find one where i can get at least 3 moves to start,

trouble is i then forget where they are. :wah:

There is a game in the arcade similar to what you describe called Shangai 2.
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Post by Marie5656 »

I am liking Majong, also. And the Shanghi2 one. But I have been a fan of the game for several years. It is too addicting.
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Post by chonsigirl »

Pina beat my top score at Shangai 2.................:p

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