Palin, anti-abortion star

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Palin, anti-abortion star

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In the months since she returned to the public spotlight, Sarah Palin’s continually evolving political identity has undergone a subtle change as her public persona centers increasingly on her disabled son Trig.

Palin began her political career as a reformer breaking up Alaska’s corrupt boy’s club, and shifted seamlessly into last fall’s campaign trail culture warrior. But her decision to carry to term her Down syndrome child established a special relationship with anti-abortion activists, and now Palin has transformed herself from a politician who was anti-abortion into the leading figure of the anti-abortion movement.

Since resigning the Alaska governorship many of her public appearances have been on the anti-abortion circuit — her first speech after her resignation was at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life fundraising dinner in Evansville, Ind., and in November she headlined Milwaukee fundraiser for Wisconsin Right to Live. She has fought President Barack Obama’s health care reform in large part on anti-abortion grounds: It would, she’s claimed, expand coverage for abortion, and steer the elderly toward euthanasia.

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Palin, anti-abortion star

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Love ya Sarah.:D
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Palin, anti-abortion star

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News organization would do better to focus on issues rather than on people who make a living polluting those issues with unfounded and ridiculous fraudulent claims and accusations.

Many people, both pro life and pro choice decide to carry children different than themselves to term. It doesn't make Sarah Palin a hero any more than any of the others.

The question is whether or not Sarah Palin herself is a lucid, reasonably minded individual. Or had her mother carried her to term in the face of her "abnormalities" or "dysfunctions"?

You may like Sarah Palin as a person to go aerial hunting with, but shes a liar. And she lies for self serving reasons.
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Palin, anti-abortion star

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Looks like Ambition looking for a Cause with which to self-publicise to me. But that's from a Brit perspective. I do note she's wandering between causes dear to the American religious right, so she is remaining consistent to that extent.
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