Bombs, guns and swastikas

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Bombs, guns and swastikas

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Police discovered loaded weapons, including rifles and shotguns, near entry points to the home, white supremacist and anti-police propaganda, a monitoring system to watch the outside of the home and a reinforced escape tunnel that ran underground through the backyard, the Stamford Patch reported. They also found bombs that were being prepared with PVC pipes loaded with nuts and bolts that were apparently meant to serve as anti-personnel shrapnel.

In addition to swastikas, a poster inside the home depicted a police funeral with a derogatory message scrawled across it, Stamford Police Chief Jon Fontneau told the newspaper. Loaded firearms were discovered near entry points to the home.

“I’ve been on hundreds, if not thousands, of search warrants,” the chief said, “and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Bombs, guns and swastikas found in Connecticut home -
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Bombs, guns and swastikas

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I tracked down the original story. If this guy had taken care of his dogs (and maybe himself; the story isn't clear on that) then he might have pulled off whatever was in his twisted mind.

The inspection of the home started with city health officials inspecting the residence after securing a warrant for health code violations, Fontneau said. A police officer was assisting as a matter of course, he said.


Officials were overcome by the smell of urine and feces upon entering the basement, Fontneau said. The police chief also described a station for monitoring the outside of the residence through a camera system and a reinforced tunnel that ran along the backyard.

A poster inside the home depicted a police funeral with a derogatory message scrawled across it, Fontneau said.

Once police identified explosives—thanks to Sgt. Kris Engstrand, Fontneau said—the house was evacuated, the bomb squad was called in and the FBI Terrorism Task Force was notified because of the propaganda.
Police: Bombs, White Supremacist Propaganda Found in Stamford Home - Stamford, CT Patch

There are a couple of follow-up stories as well.

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