A False Ad About Assault Weapons

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A False Ad About Assault Weapons

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A new article on factcheck.org shows that a new Moveon PAC ad implies machine-guns are becoming legal, which isn't true. And it blames Bush, even though Bush said he would have extended the ban on assault weapons.


This latest ad from Moveon PAC is about as misleading as it can be. Through words, graphics and sound effects, it invites viewers to think that the expiration of the ban on 19 semiautomatic assault weapons will allow people legally to buy fully automatic machine guns that can fire "up to 300 rounds per minute." That's false.

More: http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx?docID=258
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A False Ad About Assault Weapons

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MoveOn repeatedly demonstrates that they believe they own the moral high ground - and in that capacity, they have no compunctions about lying and misrepresentation to further their 'cause'.

it's rather pathetic. they bill themselves as 'non-partisan' which is laughable.

The 'assault weapon' ban did precisely nothing to reduce crime and violence. The weapons banned weren't assault weapons in the first place. if you really believe that the way a gun looks makes a difference to how much harm it can cause, then i'll be happy to try to disabuse you of that misconception.
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