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Anti-Choice/Pro DP

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For what it's worth I am pro-abortion rights and against any government having the right to execute it's citizens. If you don't like abortion, don't have one. Killing prisoners is wrong in my eyes, regardless of the crime. Especially if the Government makes the decision. How can anyone trust this govt. with execution powers!!!
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President Dwight D. Eisenhower Nov. 08, 1954
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Anti-Choice/Pro DP

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Bothwell wrote: Can you be anti abortion and pro Death penalty?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post
I am Pro Abortion in the sense of it being the woman's choice. She must live with the consequenses before and after.

I am Anti-Death Penalty and support life sentencing without parole.
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Anti-Choice/Pro DP

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my response depends upon what day it is. sometimes what hour it is.

i'm against abortion. i believe we should err on the side of life when clearcut distinctions are not possible. since it is impossible to say when a human life exists, it's best to not assume it's just a clump of cells.

i'm for a woman having the right to make the choice, since it is hers alone to make, and i mean that literally - only a woman faced with having an abortion has any say in the matter. right or wrong, she can end the pregnancy by any means, legal, illegal, safe and sanitary, or at the possible cost of her life.

i'm for the death penalty. if a person takes an innocent person's life, and there is *absolutely no doubt about that fact*, that is, for example, it was caught on videotape, or the person who did it confessed and produced information that could not have come from other sources, then i say, remove them from society, permanently. prevent them from *ever* harming another innocent person again. society will not have to bear the costs of feeding, clothing, and housing, and providing medical attention (up to and including heart transplants for god sake!) for people who have given up the right to be a part of the living world.

on the other hand, there have been far, far too many cases of people on death row who have been exonerated by DNA evidence. considering the aggresive, virtually hostile attitude prosecutors have towards those who have been convicted - to the point of refusing to accept it when 'standard' evidence is produced, the fact that men have been set free based upon DNA evidence tends to....well, 'exonerate the justice system' isn't the right term, but it does tend to make one *less* suspicious of government coercion/interference in such cases. if even prosecutors will accept DNA evidence, well, that's pretty powerful to me. if we can lock someone up for the rest of their life, well, it at least allows the possibility that if they've been wrongly convicted, then the evidence can set them free. can't do that when they've been executed. too little, too late, to say the least.

so. i guess this makes me wishy-washy. i'm a flip-flopper! john kerry would be proud.
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Anti-Choice/Pro DP

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Cheers for the Stronger Sex FEMALE.

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