people with disabilitys as actors

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people with disabilitys as actors

Post by thomas40 »

i like to see more people with disabiltys as actors and in more films that would be so awesome. :)
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people with disabilitys as actors

Post by Lon »

It's not really a disability, but I am pleased to see someone with a hairlip, like the actor Joaquin Phoenix do well. There was another actor whose name I can't recall, that had a hairlip that he kept concealed with a moustache. He played "Mike Hammer" in a detective series.

When I was a kid, I remember one of the Barrymore's, who was confined to a wheelchair being in a number of prominent films.

The English actor, Dudley Moore comes to mind. I believe he had a club foot.

I'm sure there are a number of others as well.
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people with disabilitys as actors

Post by Marie5656 »

One who comes to mind is the actor who plays the ME on CSI. He lost a leg due to an auto accident. Also, not an actor, but Ronan Tynan, one of the Irish Tenors is a double amputee due to a birth defect.

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