speaking up for others people with dis

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speaking up for others people with dis

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my job is i help other people with disabilitys stand up and speak uo for their rights

andgain the independence they need and desreve that is a self advocate.
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speaking up for others people with dis

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My job is that I work with a lady with Cerebral Palsy who is part of a program called Self Determination. That is where the person with a disability has a say in how and where they spend thier time and medicaid money. She no longer goes to a day treatment program, but volunteers full time of the Self Adsvocacy Office here in Rochester, NY She also is part of a group which does presentations to children and adults about disability awareness. As part of her Self Determination program, she was able to get her own van, and hire me as her assistant. If you want to check a neat web site, check her personal home page http://kimhenchen.tripod.com I helped her set it up.

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