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Russian Boozers

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Russian scientists developed a new pill that prolongs drunkenness. It's the scentific breakthrough of the century but watch out for moaning publicans and bar owners. "Doctor, doctor, I have a problem, I have been feeling a little sober lately". Don't worry I have a pill.
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Russian Boozers

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that's just what the russian populace needs. already being over run by heroin abuse, and parallel rises in hiv, hep c, and various and sorted lung ailments, mix in a bit of economic woes, that limit productive opportunities for employment,(ie-hopelessness), and the death rate will start to be as devestating as the battle of stalingrad, with no facists to blame it on.

i was in russia, connecting in moscow, but spending 3 weeks in saratov, and st.petersburg, with my fiance. on the train to st. petersburg, we had in our car, quite a wonderful brakeman, who was a middle aged ex-professor at the saratov state university. she, with her ill fitting old uniform jacket, looked a little more like the propaganda produced 'stereotypical 'russian woman'. she begged me to try to help her get some of a new drug, manufactured here, for the treatment of alchohol abuse, which kills the desire to drink. she was in tears, explaining what the disease had done to her brother, and how i might be their last best chance. the drug has only to be approved by the fda.

in light of this, i can see some of the country's concern over their kids

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